November 20, 2011

Stay at home mothers

Have you ever thought about being a stay-at-home mom? When you look at all the women in your life, what do you view as pro's and cons as being a stay-at-home mom? As a Latter-day girl, I believe that if it is at all possible, women should stay in the home. This is because I truly believe our youth are the ones that will change the world, so they really do need a mother and a father who will love them and care for them. I think back to my childhood, I had a mother who was able to stay at home and I cherished being able to come home and talk to my mom, tell her about my day, and anything else. Because my mom was able to stay at home, it truly did leave a lasting impression on me and I was able to create a lasting relationship with me, which changed my life forever. I was truly blessed because my mom was able to stay at home.

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  1. In our society today we do not have the luxury to afford to have only one parent working. For the very few families that do make enough money it’s great, but in my case I have to work. In order for me to be there for my children but also make sure that they have food and clothing and a roof over their head, I work the graveyard shift. While I am not working and my kids are in school, I have continued my education. At the same time I do everything possible with them; I make their birthday cards and make their special days a memory that they will always cherish, I am the classroom mom and help as much as I can in my children’s classrooms, I do arts and crafts with them, teach them to cook, and clean and I also teach them respect while they have fun. I am able to be there for them whenever I need to just like a stay at home mom. Yes that leave my house a bit dirty and sometimes that means takeout, but the most important thing is is that I spend every available waking and sometimes sleeping moments with my boys.


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